At Magnus Communications, we discover brands by gaining insight into our clients’ companies, their audiences and cultural influences that surround them. Insight allows us to build an emotional bond with our clients’ audiences. Whether you are launching a new identity or re-engineering an old one, selling a product or building a brand, creating a plan or analyzing the results, our teams will work closely with yours to solve your most challenging advertising issues. We’re a compilation of talented, ambitious people, who truly believe we can do a better, more efficient, more effective job of generating and executing great ideas. The truth is that we spend most of our days obsessed with finding new ideas which are intensely focused on affecting outcomes. Unlike any agency in Pakistan, Magnus Communications is built for result and creative ideas and concepts. Something that every one may agree to is that Pakistan may be in the news or in the media mostly for the wrong reasons, but that does not mean that there aren’t good things to talk about pertaining to Pakistan. Plenty of events and initiatives are taking place on a constant basis and for one reason or the other does not end up appearing on the global radar In short, Pakistan is in need of being promoted, in need of being branded. Magnus Communications is looking to take up this initiative and bring Pakistan to the world in an optimistic and new manner we call this initiative project “Branding Pakistan. We want everyone to know that Pakistanis are versatile and cultured people who as much want to be a part of the global community and add to its knowledge and resource pool.Magnus Communications will look to brand the people of Pakistan, those who are doing striving to help in the progression of youth and society, and also to promote events and new initiatives being taken by Pakistanis.
Ashraf Kalim Ahmed
Chief Operating Officer
Magnus Communications

kamran baig


People always say that a photograph lasts a life time. Being able to look at the photograph many years down the road and realizing that you captured that one moment, that frozen moment in time when u captured that memory, is the best feeling alone. I love to capture something the way I see it. The angle, the lighting or the position of the subject that makes it unique and stand out. Giving my own twist is what I thrive for in photography. I know no one else will ever see or feel the connection to it the exact way I do.

Kamran Baig 


Magnus Communications